How can I buy online?

You can buy through any of the three following methods:

 The first method: you can contact sales representatives of the area where you reside either by mobile phones or WhatsApp The second method: The amount of money can be transferred to the bank account, and send it either by email or WhatsApp. The address should be written clearly, including the city and contact number.

The third method: You can buy by credit cards, MADA and PayPal cards by direct payment and shipping

Can I buy from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Please Whatsapp No. 00966 582 33 66 00

Do you have any other products other than Acacia honey?

We currently have Acacia honey only, because it is the natural product whose taste is accepted by everyone around the world 

Why the color of the honey is very light?

The natural acacia honey has almost transparent color

Does honey freeze by cold? Even if it is frozen, does it mean that it is not 100% natural?

Honey freezes normally because of cold and it does not mean that the honey is fake.

How can I be a distributor or agent for your products?

Please send an email to info@honeyspoon.net  and mention the country, city and contact number to follow-up with you.

Do you market the product or you are the producers? And in case you are the producers, do you extract the honey by heating?

We have bee apiaries around the world from which we extract honey to be packed and distributed.

The production method is not based on heating, but honey is cold refined, because the hot extracting of honey make it loses most of its health benefits.

Do you have any certificates proving that your honey is conformed to the international standards?

Yes, for sure, our product is approved by Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

In addition, our product has obtained the certificates (Organic/Halal/and the factory has also been awarded ISO Certificate ISO/9001/2015).

Is the plastic used in manufacturing the spoon and aluminum cover conformed to the international standards?

Of course, the spoon and the cover are made of materials that conform to the global food safety

Do you have any other nutrition products?

Yes, we have food products since 1995 which still exist in the international markets.

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